The Green Heart of Poringland


New Rules Emphasise Fish Welfare 

The trustees have approved a number of rule changes proposed by the bailiffs’ sub-committee. 

With immediate effect, the new rules will see restrictions on hook sizes and the introduction of a minimum size for landing nets.  And in future anglers will be required to take their litter and surplus bait home, a new policy which falls in line with most fisheries these days. 

In order to safeguard fish stocks, no hooks bigger than size ten can be used.  Anglers must also have a landing net measuring at least 20 inches in diameter. 

“The new rules are mainly to prevent damaging the fish” explained fishery manager Mick Morley.  “Most of our fish stock is in pristine condition, thanks to the vast majority of our anglers who take great care in playing, netting, unhooking and returning the fish safely.  Hopefully the new rules will maintain that quality” he added. 

Fishing Rules

*   Fishing allowed between dawn and dusk.  Day-tickets available on the bank from the bailiffs

*    All anglers over-12 must have a current Environment Agency rod licence and produce this to a bailiff if requested to do so

*   Under-16s must be accompanied at all times by a competent adult able to handle and  unhook fish.  No more than two under-16s per adult.  Fishing from adjacent swims only

*   Maximum of two rods. No pen rods permitted

*   Baited rods must not be left unattended at any time

*   Strictly barbless hooks only.  Maximum size 10

*    No fixed leads or feeders

*   Restrictions on rod rests and banksticks (see separate notice on site notice board)

*   No keepnets allowed except on official club matches

*   Unhooking mats and a suitable landing net (minimum size 20 inches/50 centimeters) is compulsory. All fish over 4oz should be landed using a landing net and not swung in. 

*   All fish to be handled and returned to the water safely.  Any injured fish should be treated for wounds where possible before returning to the lake

*   Sweetcorn and maize can only be used as a hookbait. No freebaiting

*   Groundbait to be used on the feeder or pole cup only.  Maximum of one kilo of ground bait be used

*   Any unused bait and all litter should be taken home.  Please do not throw surplus bait in the lakes after a session.

*   No live baiting   

*   No surface fishing or float fishing with hook less than 12” from surface or feeding of floating baits

*   No prebaiting

*   No fish or plants shall be introduced, removed or transferred between lakes

*   No dogs, other than guide or assistance dogs, allowed on the conservation area

*   No cars/vans are allowed inside the conservation area, unless involved in maintenance work

*   Care and consideration should be given to wildlife, neighbours and other anglers at all times. All radios and music systems should be used with a personal earpiece

*   The management committee reserve the right to close any lake for official club matches, coaching, maintenance or redevelopment purposes etc

*   Bailiffs are authorised to inspect all tackle and may ask an angler to leave the lakes if rules are not being adhered to. 

We apologise for insisting on these rules but please remember that this is both a fishing and conservation area. Any breaches of these rules will result in you being requested to leave the lakes.

Have an enjoyable day!


Season Ticket - £50 (restricted to 100 spaces renewed annually)

Day Ticket - £5 (from 7am until 7pm or dusk whichever is the sooner) 

Under-16s - free with competent adult (up to two children per adult)

No concessions for part-day fishing 

                                                 Amended and approved 11 September 2018 

New Rules Unveiled

The first rules review for several years has resulted in a number of small but important changes to fishing regulations. 

In order to maintain fish welfare, in future anglers will be required to net any fish over four ounces.  There are also restrictions on the use of groundbait. 

To maintain the lakes quiet environment, audible radios will be banned although anglers may use personal radios and audio equipment fitted with earpieces. 

However the biggest changes relate to under-16s. 

In an effort to recruit more young anglers and to build on the foundations set by Family Fishing and Kingfisher club activities, the Trustees have agreed that all under-16s should be allowed to fish free provided they are accompanied by a responsible adult, occupy adjacent swims and the number of under-16s is limited to two youngsters. 

Explaining the rules changes, lead trustee Paul Bonham said 

“We have consulted widely with season tickets holders and looked at the rules of other organisations.  We are always keen to restrict rules to the minimum but also need to build in some small changes to safeguard fish stocks and preserve the lakes quiet environment” said Paul. 

“Providing free fishing for all accompanied under-16s should prove very popular and hopefully encourage a new generations of life-long anglers” he added. 

“My thanks to everyone who has assisted in the review.”