The Green Heart of Poringland


Same Again in Winter League 

It may be a new season and a fresh start but the result of the first winter league match had an all too familiar ring about it. 

Once again Mick Morley emerged victorious, winning with just 6lb 3oz on a tricky day made even more difficult by persistent rain and a blustery north-easterly wind.  It was The Machine’s third successive victory in Poringland matches.

Mind you, everything could have been very different but for a slip of the hand!

After landing a good sized carp early doors, Justin Randall was about to slip his prize catch into the keepnet when the fish wriggled uncontrollably.  Instead of sliding it safely into the net, the carp belly flopped into the lake and then slipped gracefully into the deep leaving disconsolate Justin to reflect on what might have been.

It was a costly mistake as Randall finally lost out to Morley by a less than two pounds.

Overall the match was closely fought with several anglers reporting lost fish to a combination of the lilies and the bottom weed.  Interestingly, most of the fish were caught in the first two hours before bites virtually dried up completely after midday.

Not for the first time, those drawn at the flower meadow end of Noble struggled to catch.  As a result messrs Cawston, Hodgson and Peak finished well down the field with just over a pound of fish between them. 

Winter League Match One

Mick Morley 6lb 3oz, Justin Randall 4lb 6oz, Liam Crowley 3lb 4oz, Alan Crabb 2lb 7oz, Eric Peak 14oz, Trevor Radley 10oz, Bob Bailey 9oz, John Hodgson 4oz, Jonny Causton 2oz 

Winter League Grand Prix

Mick Morley 10 pts, Justin Randall 8, Liam Crowley 7,Alan Crabb 6, Eric Peak 5, Trevor Radley 4, Bob Bailey 3, John Hodgson 2, Jonny Causton 1