The Green Heart of Poringland


Matchmen Tangoed

A record number of eleven hardy anglers contested the second Winter League match but in the end all but one were tangoed! 

Once again conditions proved difficult, a far cry from two days previous when one angler caught 181 fish in a single session!  Bites were hard to come by and after four and a half hours, the match was finally balanced but in the end it was one fish that made all the difference, the superbly conditioned ‘Tango’. 

Going into last half hour, ace angler Graeme Binks, fishing on the lightest of gear, hooked into the celebrity fish and skilfully brought it to the net.  The stunning 14lb common carp boasted the winning weight to a creditable 19lb 6oz to give Binks his first outright victory. 

Once again Eric Peak and Mick Morley proved the best of the rest, Morley just edging out nearest rival Alan Crabb by a mere ounce.  For several anglers it was a story of what might have been.  Mick Morley, Ryan Westgarth and first round winner Liam Crowley all lost good sized fish which, if landed, could have made a huge difference to the result. 

Graeme Binks was delighted with his victory and thrilled at catching Tango. 

“It was a really hard day for everyone who fished” said Graeme.  “Bites were few and far between.  I was just lucky enough to pinch a few bonus fish, plus that beauty Tango.  It was lovely to see fish in such immaculate condition!” he added. 

Binks’s victory now sees him leapfrog to the top of the Winter League standings as well as opening up a sizeable gap on his challengers in the Irene Gudgeon Memorial shield for aggregate weights. 

Winter League Match Two

Graeme Binks 19lb 6oz, Eric Peak 4lb 7oz, Mick Morley 2lb 8oz, Alan Crabb 2lb 7oz, Trevor Radley 1lb 15oz, Justin Randall 1lb 9oz, Ryan Westgarth 1lb, John Hodgson 8oz, Liam Crowley 4oz, Paul Bonham nil, Frank Whiting nil

Winter League Grand Prix Standings

Graeme Binks 19, Eric Peak 16, Mick Morley 14, Liam Crowley 12, Trevor Radley 11, Alan Crabb 10, Justin Randall 9, John Hodgson 5, Ryan Westgarth 5, Paul Bonham 1.5, Frank Whiting 1.5 

Irene Gudgeon Memorial Shield (aggregate weights)

Graeme Binks 29lb 3oz, Eric Peak 13lb 7oz, Liam Crowley 12lb 13oz, Mick Morley 7lb 9oz, Trevor Radley 4lb 6oz, Alan Crabb 3lb 4oz, Justin Randall 3lb 0oz, Ryan Westgarth 1lb 0oz, John Hodgson 9oz, Paul Bonham 0oz, Frank Whiting 0oz 

Opening Win for Liam Crowley

The first event in the six match winter league series produced a surprising result. 

Liam Crowley (pictured above right), a relative newcomer to the match scene, overshadowed some of his more illustrious opponents to notch his maiden victory. 

Making the most of a favourable end peg draw and using the feeder to good effect, the Norwich novice’s net included four decent carp which helped swell his overall weight to 12lb 9oz. 

Making his debut in PCFLA matches, former Angling Direct sponsored ‘pro’ Graeme Binks had to call upon all his skill and experience to dig out a respectable bag from a less than easy peg, finishing second on 9lb 3oz, a mere three ounces ahead of defending double champion Eric Peak. 

With some of the more seasoned matchmen struggling, the scene is beautifully set for an interesting series.  The second match on Saturday 4 November is keenly awaited! 

Winter League Match One

Liam Crowley 12lb 9oz, Graeme Binks, 9lb 3oz, Eric Peak 9lb 0oz,Mick Morley 5lb1oz, Trevor Radley 2lb 7oz, Justin Randall 1lb 7oz, Alan Crabb 13oz, John Hodgson 1oz 

Winter League Grand Prix – Latest Standings

Liam Crowley 9 points, Graeme Binks 7, Eric Peak 6, Mick Morley 5, Trevor Radley 4, Justin Randall 3, Alan Crabb 2, John Hodgson1

Matchmen Gear Up for Winter League 

The 2017 Winter League which starts on Saturday could see an upsurge of new contestants, all eager to make a good start to the six match series. 

With several new season ticket holders expressing an interest in match fishing, organiser Alan Crabb is hoping to welcome several new faces. 

“The majority of our season ticket holders have never fished a match so this would be the ideal opportunity to have a go in a relaxed and informal atmosphere” said Alan.

The last winter's series was totally dominated by one man, Mick Morley, who amazingly won five of the six matches, his only reversal coming in the opening round when he was headed by John Hodgson.

Morley’s tactics of targeting lots of small fish is well suited to the colder conditions, so it would be no surprise to see the Mundham ace take the opening salvo.

Having said that, Noble houses some decent sized carp, so one good fish could make all the difference.  Thankfully, more of the invasive Canadian pondweed has been removed in the last few days, which should make banking the fish more likely.          

All PCFLA matches are exclusively for season ticket holders and their guests.  Members wishing to try their hand should email Alan at alanashley60@yahoo.co.uk or give him a call on 01508 538406